The results of the contest Gdynia Modernism with the Camera’s Eye
On September 6, that is on the first day of Architecture Weekend in Gdynia, the photo contest Gdynia Modernism with the Camera’s Eye was settled. Almost 700 entries, in five different categories, with two completely new ones included, were submitted. The result of the contest is the exhibition held in the City Information Office, at 24 of 10 Lutego Street (to the end of September) and in Gdynia Centrum Filmowe (to 14 September). All the laureates received diplomas and prizes from the jury. Since the very beginning of the contest, its constant partner has been the Scandinavian ferry operator Stena Line, which founded the second prize this year – a ferry cruise to Sweden. The latest novelty, introduced this year, is an audience award, conceded to three authors of photos which will be mostly appreciated by the audience.
The results:
I prize – Tomasz Lelito
II prize – Dorota Kędziora
III prize – Małgorzata Szura-Piwnik
Maciej Kacmajor – a distinction in the category: Modernism on the Ride
Magdalena Korzewska – a distinction in the category Form of Modernism
Marcin Muża – a distinction in the category Life among the Buildings
Małgorzata Paprocka – a distniction in the category Light in the Architecture
Joanna Niedzielska – a distinction in the category Modernism of Kamienna Góra and Redłowo
Tomasz Lelito – a distiction in the category Form of Modernism
And all the others, whose photographs were displayed in Miejska Informacja Turystyczna in Gdynia, at ul. 10 Lutego 24 and in Gdyńska Szkoła Filmowa, at Plac Grunwaldzki 2.
The Summary and deliverance of the jury:

Photographing modernism appears to be partly paradoxical. How can one show architecture and an idea of composing space applied as long as 100 years ago (that is with respect for tradition) abiding by, at the same time, the rules of the modernism manifest which dictate us breaking with tradition. It is a challenge to create while one respects the function which imposes the form and the matter. Having that in mind, on one hand, we were trying to find the photographs which are likely to inspire further photographical experiments, and, on the other hand, we appreciated the laureates’ sensitivity and inquisitiveness resulting in innovation.
Congratulations to all the awarded, titled and all the other participants of the contest.
The jury members:
Kacper Kowalski – the chairman of the jury
Krzysztof Winciorek
Bartłomiej Ponikiewski
Jacek Debis

and the clerk of the contest: Przemysław Kozłowski