Mini Museum is the smallest museum in Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk, but still really worth visiting. It was opened on the initiative of the building's residents – residents of the most beautiful modernist tenement house in Gdynia (the BGK housing estate) who chose this way to introduced all interested tourists to the history of this place and its residents.
Apart from chronicles of the over 100-year-old tenement house, the mementos gathered by the residents you can see such interesting and unique objects as: a corded telephone, genuine pre-war bathroom fittings, kitchen bells, a refrigerator in a small larder, beautiful mosaic floors or even… empty vodka bottles from the 30's which were bricked in bath casing by workers, as well as hundreds of photographs depicting life in pre- and post-war Gdynia.
During your visit to the museum, in a neighbouring staircase, you can also see a pre-war wooden mangle which is still used by residents, as well as a fully equipped shelter with ventilation system crank properly working even today. But Mini Museum does not only mean object and photographs, most importantly, when you go there, you can listen to stories about the past of this building told by residents who are willing to share them with visitors.

ul. 3 Maja 27/31
81-364 Gdynia
5th staircase, entrance from the yard through the main gateway next to the "Cyganeria" cafe, from the 3 Maja or Batorego Street. Please use the "Biuro Wspólnoty" intercom.