The history of Gdynia Trafik is as interesting as the story of its founders and originators. A place of worship for some, for others some impassable, strange zone, as if from another reality and space-time. Its owners chose Gdynia because they when they wanted to invest money they thought the city was really prospective and modern, with big ambitions. Just like they were. Exhibitions of photographs, engravings, projector projection which take place on a regular basis here as well as its artistic, individual interior design turned the eyes of many residents of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk to the place. You can also meet well known cinema, music or sports stars here. Michał has followed the idea of an open plan kitchen, fusion cuisine, cuisine of dialogue. Frequent changes, new ideas, just the way we cook for our friends to surprise and inspire.
The Modernism Route came to Trafik with a bit of uncertainty. We were not sure whether its location in one of the flag tenement houses along the route anyhow obliges Michał and Krzysztof to get involved in the new cultural and tourist project in Gdynia. Our doubts dispelled really quickly. The Modernism Route was welcomes warmly, just like a new friend whom we understand without words. What would you like? Architecture slide shows via Projektor? OK. – on a regular basis on Thursdays, or upon guest's request. A Modernism shelf? No problem, we already have a place, go ahead and install it. Exhibitions? Lectures? Let's sit down and talk it over.
At the Trafik website you can read about the tenement house history, see historical pictures which have been made available by the Museum of the City of Gdynia.
We will see how Trafik performs in the City Game on the Route. Let's hope it keeps some of the secrets only for itself. Maybe its friends will not feel offended.