3rd Day: Archi Lecture
Archi Lecture Day: Anticipation – Archi Modernism Classes
Even if ‘Anticipation’ itself refers to the future, we can learn a lot from the history of contemporary architecture, studying and analyzing some chosen objects, stories of the cities and biographies of great architects. ‘History classes’ is the module specifically designed for Archi Lectures, included in Archi Weekend. These are shortened lectures, from which we can learn about visions and predictions of some selected figures of art and architecture of 20th century, Arieh Sharon, between others, the co-author of ‘The White City’, Jožef Plečnik – a brilliant architect from Slovenian Lublana, Katarzyna Kobro, a sculptor from the interwar period and Tadeusz Jędrzejewski, the prominent representative of modernism in Gdynia, endowed with unusual empathy and a sense of mission, important for architects. Our foremost guests, experts and architecture researchers will remind us about unusual stories of the cities – Gdynia, Tel Awiw, Tychy and Wilno, in which current architectural landscapes were shaped by very short time periods in which some visionary political – social decisions were made.