“Architecture Weekend” held in Gdynia, since its first edition is an open event for all those interested in modern architecture and urban development issues. The event has been gaining its popularity year after year as it also provides the opportunity for young creators, designers and experienced architects to contribute to open source. Panel discussions and theme workshops are becoming more and more important highlights of the event.
The narrative axis of this year festival is ‘anticipation’, which involves highlighting the role and the need for anticipating social expectations and adjusting to them more quickly. There seems to be a need for wide discussions on the question of how architects and urbanists are going to respond to global challenges awaiting us.
Currently, one of the most rankling issues is also continuous shortage of flats in centres of towns, which may result in social and cultural exclusion. Other challenges appear to be pro-ecological issues (reduction of CO2 emission and energy saving) and the need for visionary designs, taking into consideration more and more realistic threats caused by global warming. This year, another factor has popped up – pandemic resistance. It is hard to step spontaneously into upcoming decades of the new millennium without thoroughly scheduled activities.
X Architecture Weekend in Gdynia
Date: 27-30 August 2020
Theme: A N T I C I P A T I O N
Organized by: City of Gdynia | Realized by: Agencja Rozwoju Gdyni (on behalf of City of Gdynia)
Strategical partners: Narodowy Instytut Architektury i Urbanistyki (NIAiU), Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe (GCF), Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej, VASTint
The curators for the festival: Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk oraz Michał Stangel
Education and popularisation of meaningful experiences and the newest knowledge in the area of architecture, design and urban development
Creating a comprehensive platform for discussing the vision of modern architecture and issues related to protecting its heritage

Main Components of the event:
• 28-30 August – Archi Lectures: three-day event of lectures about cities, modern architecture, expected changes and the history of modernism
• 28-29 August – Archi Debates: two theme debates dedicated to cities and contemporary architecture
• 27-30 August – Archi Film Bloc: five documentaries about architecture addressing city social problems
• 27-30 August: Archi Walks: architecture walks tailored specifically to the needs of the festival and premieres of new routes of Gdynia Modernism Route and walks tailored and led by architects from Arch-Deco.

• 27 August – “Photo Day” – a wide range of proposals for all those keen on architecture photography, Gdynia modernism included (exhibitions, Photo Walks, the contest vernissage, night photo screenings)
• 27 – 30 August – Festival Exhibitions – designed specifically for the 10th edition of the festival, open from the opening of the festival to its closing.